Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday, November 8, 2010
There are not many days in which I feel particularly old, but a conversation this morning pretty much sucked the wind right out of me.

A fella in my photography class was telling me about his schedule. In order to graduate on time, he will have to continue taking 16 to 19 credits per quarter. On top of this, he will also continue to work his (almost) full time job for the next year or two. And the thing is, he will be just fine. He looks like he could take on the world. He is youth personified.

I have other college friends who do exactly the same, go to both work and school full time. Often, they also have boyfriends/girlfriends as well. Often, they also make it to the gym nightly. Often, they party on the weekends, only to bounce right back.

I am currently taking 12 credits per quarter, I have no job, no girlfriend and I almost never go to the gym. I do not party on the weekends. And yet, I already feel like an old, empty bathtub at the end of my school day. In the evenings I cook, read, go to the art-house cinema, do homework, drink some red wine and then I pass out from total exhaustion.

On the positive, I've started blogging again though. And someone was telling me about a great yoga place that I'm determined to start frequenting. So, there you go.


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