Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Meta-Meta Manifesto

Sunday, November 7, 2010
I have two blogs, a Twitter account, a Facebook profile, a Flickr account and, pretty much, nothing to say. Still, as I am a common modern Narcissist, I don't see why that should stop me from writing.

When I hear something interesting, said by a stranger or by the (completely deliberate and self-evoked) voices in my head, I plug it into Twitter. Sometimes it is a simple word, like 'meat' or 'alone'. Other times, I'll be reviewing the fictional movie of my life, played back and with all the proper edits that make me into the lead hero. That script gets dropped into Twitter as well. Occasionally, I'll just say something overly clever which, in my defense, is the language of the perverse.

If I get drunk, it's livejournal. About half the time I stumble and break and mumble and weep (in both text and saline). These things happen to me on occasion. If you're really alive, then they happen to you as well. Peace be with us, for we are the tortured. Livejournal. The other half of the time, I'll fly into a manic frenzy of kinetic keystrokes, a high-pulse Kerouac-like marathon of Americano sweat and sucrose. Livejournal. Either way, I consider it an art-blog, where I can uber-dump my neurosis and victories and phrase-gymnastics, leaving them behind me, as a snake sheds it's skin. I rather love my Livejournal blog, by the way.

When I take a photo and make a photo (computer touched and saved), Blogger sometimes becomes the ultimate destination. There are words here too, but they are mostly few. If I write something for a class (meta-meta), it might land here as well. There were many more words here before. "Witty" words. But then I became shy at my silliness and tromped them all away. Originally, this was to be the template for a book I was to write, but (as it came about) I cannot write a book. So, now it's more of an album. I rather love this album, by the by.

Facebook is Facebook, the lifetime-long resume of the future. ~meh~

Oh, yes. Flickr. There are photos there too. I really need to get back in there and do something. It's like the attic of a home. Every once in a while, I crawl up there, swipe away the cobwebs, move a few things around and then, as I leave, forget about it all over again.

Three warnings:

A note about the truth; I understand my own truth, but I'm not overly concerned with trying to differentiate between my truth, your truth and the truth. There are facts and dates, but just about everything else is up in the air. I believe that the truth, for the most part, is slightly relative. (And just for the record, I often don't get the facts and the dates 100% spot-on either.) I have a horrible memory, especially with time. So, when I say "three weeks ago", it was just as likely three months ago, or three years. I'm completely fine with this, but some are not. Caveat emptor.

I can be funny sometimes, both in the "ha-ha" sort of way and the "uh-oh" sort of way. Predictively enough, I have met people who like/hate one, the other or both about me.

People often concern themselves with being serious and respectable. I've never been one of those people. Although, I have to admit, I'm a touch addicted to the respect of others. This is both a strength and a weakness. Obviously, I'm not exactly shooting for "High Art" here though (or am I?), so the odds of winning you over to the Respect Column is shrinking rapidly. I can see it in your eyes (and your ayes).

I know that I am strange. I rather like that about myself, but it is a lonely way to live and I'm growing rather tired of being alone. This is not the kind of thing a person is supposed to say out-loud, but please see the first sentence in this paragraph. I can't really help myself. Sometimes I can fake 'normal' pretty well. It's a defense mechanism. Creativity though, it can be the magic elixir. And people seldom allow themselves to be free.

This is a Jam session. This is a spontaneous dance.

I'm an Absurdist. I like Surrealism. I enjoy Abstract artwork. I respect the seedling thoughts and emotions that sprouted the Dada movement as well. I do not like Death Metal music.

Sometimes I try a little too hard. Sometimes I make it happen a bit too well.

My grammar is atrocious. I am working on this. Past-tense and present-tense get mixed up quite a bit in my text. I am not working on that at all. (Please see the 'time', 'truth' and 'relativity' comments above.)

I'm a smart guy, who also damn well knows that he will never be intelligent. And please don't say "awwww..." and tell me that I am wrong. I have years of data to back up my argument.

For example, the words I am writing to you now. Because of these words, I will never be President and I may not get some future job because a head-hunter Google'd me. Once I post this bad boy, some lucky reporter/Human Resources person in the future will certainly dredge it up and ~boom~ there goes my candidacy/job. In the world of the internet, it is prudent to have a life-long sanity/weirdness filter. I do not have, nor do I ever want to have, this filter. (I was never going to be President anyway.)

I already mentioned that I'm an Absurdist, but I think it's worth mentioning again. I can hold two conflicting thoughts in my mind and both can be true. I am making a joke when I say these things. I am dead serious when I say these things. I am hungry. I am not hungry. I have no fear, and thus, no motivation. I am afraid of the fact that I have no motivation. I am accelerating, but the rate at which I am accelerating is decreasing. Meta-meta. Capiche?

Also, I don't believe that life has an inherent meaning and I don't believe in the afterlife. After we die, I'm of the opinion that it just goes black. Before we die, I'm of the opinion that we humans are responsible for assigning and defining all morality to this blip of an existence that we find ourselves in.

Which is not to say that there isn't Something More. There is always Something More. We will find it and, predictably, it will be nothing like what we have predicted it to be. Meta-meta.

Peace, love and understanding all sound pretty damn good to me. Feeding the poor, taking care of our resources, all this is exactly what I'm shooting for. So, please don't think that, just because I say that I don't adhere to any religion, I am immoral. Richard Dawkins has said all of this better than I ever could though.

What would be the written equivalent of a confetti-burst?

I also am very optimistic about the "Human-determination-of-morality" thing I just mentioned. We are in control. We steer the ship. There is no problem that faces Humanity that we cannot solve, if we truly want to. Booya.

I have now typed creatively.

Could you have done this? Why didn't you?


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