Monday, January 4, 2010

Prenatal; Art History 353 (1880-1950)

Monday, January 4, 2010
I've yet to start taking classes here, but I managed to sneak into the (locked) Art building and then managed to sneak into the (also locked) classroom where I'll be taking my Art History (1880-1950) class this quarter. Here are a few photos from that adventure. I have not had a chance to touch these up yet (mostly for light/color balance), but I wanted to share them. Again, this series is just for fun anyway.

The room is amazing. (No bubblegum on the chairs even, so no photos of that, I'm afraid.) If anything, I should be upset that I was able to walk into the room so easily. There was expensive equipment all over the place. I suppose that if I ever want to steal a $3,000 video projector, I'll know exactly where to go.

I'm incredibly excited for this class, so I imagine the technology/ambiance will make this experience even better.



I like these. I hope you had a nice New Year. Mine was kind of rough but hopefully everything will work itself out. Have a good first week at school!


These are awesome...I love the desolation of the room. It has no purpose really unless there are people in there, which you captured well. Fav. is the last one.

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