Friday, December 11, 2009

Post Mortem; Jazz History 350

Friday, December 11, 2009
Here is the next in the series, Jazz History 350. (Click on any photo for a larger version.)

There is quite a bit of noise (fuzziness in the high detail) here, but I'm alright with that. My little camera does well and, ultimately, these photos are really just for both practice and memory purposes. With that said, I very much like how this small project is turning out. I might revisit this concept after I've gained some additional expertise and higher quality equipment.

Next week, it will be Writing 122 and Psychology 202.



Wow, your hair is really short. You should just shave it all off, I think it would look good :)

Scott McKinnon / DJ Mink Staccato

Thanks, H. My good friend Paco did the hair work. I was going to shave it all off, but he talked me out of it. (He's a professional stylist.)

When first I downloaded it on to the computer, this photo was a little shocking to me. I think I've aged maybe ten years in the just the last two. I feel fine, but there is a hollow look about my eyes that I never had before.


Hi Scott. Who's taking these pictures? You, with a delayed shot? An anonymous photog?


I like these! Especially the first one.

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