Friday, January 8, 2010

Literally the First Artwork I've Done Since 1986

Friday, January 8, 2010
I was asked to do a self-portrait for my Art 115 (Design Fundamentals) class. This is what I came up with (click photo for larger version).

It's based upon the idea of a playing card. Also, it has minimalism and art-deco influences. Nothing too amazing, but I was rather pleased. Not too bad, especially considering this is literally the first artwork I've done since 1986. Hopefully the grading will go well.

The photo of my artwork though, I'm not nearly as happy with. I need to practice. That darkness toward the bottom of the photo is unacceptable. I've tried a few different techniques to get a pristine image, but I'm still not nearly satisfied. Oh well... I'm a photography student, after all. That will come with time. What I actually need are some good lights, which really means I just need some good money for some good lights. Which really means that what I need is a good job, for some good money, for some good lights.

That is a whole different battle altogether...


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