Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday, July 12, 2009
In order to get a BFA from the University in photography, I'll need to be an Art Major. The Art department requires that a person apply separately for their program though, so I'm filling out the paperwork now.

Along with the application, they also require a person to submit some examples of their work. As a result, I'm including five photographs that I think best represent my style.

Just for fun, I'd like to get your opinion about which five I should include, so I've added a poll to the right. Please feel free to vote for your favorites out of the twelve below that I have selected here to show you. (Click on any picture for a larger version.) And by the way, you can vote for more (or less) than five.

I have to admit, I think I've already picked out my favorites, but I've yet to decide for certain and I would love your opinion before I submit the application.

Voting ends on Tuesday at 5 PM.

Thanks in advance.















Hi Scott, I don't know if my last comment poasted or not. But your photots are awesome and if they don't accept you into the program then they are morons.



And apparently so am I, excuse the mistyped word above. Wish I could blame it on alcohol but not the case I'm afraid ;)

Scott McKinnon / DJ Mink Staccato

Hi D!

Thanks. I'm very excited. I don't think it should be too difficult to get into the program, but we will see. It's a crazy world.

And don't worry about the typo. I live for typos. I mean, have you read my blog? Welcome to Planet Bad Grammar. Please enjoy your stay.

I hope all is well.



star is still my favorite.

I'm sure you'll get in.



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